“This is not so much a funeral as it is a celebration of his life. It was never meant to be solemn, but a joyous occasion,” Obama told reporters when asked to comment on the news of his fun-packed adventure with the respected, newly-deceased South African leader.

Skjermbilde 2014-05-01 kl. 23.51.18The two-day road trip led the international political trio of Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt, Mandela and himself to various sites important to Mandela’s life.

“I think the time we spent in Mandela’s prison cell at Robben Island, together with Mandela himself, was instrumental in helping me finally realize the struggle he fought for human dignity,” Obama explained.

The American president admitted that although they saw many South Africans celebrating Mandela through song and dance, several of the people they encountered along their way were shocked to see their political father figure seemingly alive and well.

“I was told by Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt, who came up with the idea, that this is an African tradition, so I was surprised by some the looks we got.”

However, Obama says he can’t wait for the aging 89-year-old president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, to pass away.

“Firstly, because he is a ruthless dictator. Secondly, because I’m certain a ”Weekend at Mugabe’s” will prove an even edgier affair.”

When faced with harsh criticism, even amongst fellow democrats, Obama attacked back:

“Most importantly, the adventure created important common ground with Denmark, one of the few European allies stupid enough to follow us to both Afghanistan and Iraq. And also, lighten up folks. Ok, so it’s a funeral, but you can’t blame a pair of fun-lovin’ international politicians for trying to put the “fun” back into funeral?”

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